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SWC Designs is a website exhibiting the work of Thomas Linstead (Degree of Masters of Computing with First Class Honours in Computer Graphics)

The Hunt - The Search for Gold (Minecraft Mod)Cosmicraft Video

Minecraft Map and Bukkit Java Plugin - Survival PvP

Overview: THE HUNT
The Hunt is a survival games style gamemode with the aim to collect gold nuggets and gold ingots from chests around the map and by killing fellow players. The winner is the first person to craft a gold block and place it at the top of the pyramid in the middle of the map. The map is made up of four regions: Fire, Water, Desert and Forest with the pyramid in the center. (Each region contains the same amount of gold)

Cosmicraft Cosmicraft Cosmicraft Cosmicraft Cosmicraft

Download from Planet Minecraft: The Hunt - The Search For Gold

By Thomas Linstead.

Programming Languages: Java, Minecraft

Portal 2 Custom Cooperative Map

T.O.M - Testing Operative Module

I created my own level for the game 'Portal 2', called T.O.M - Testing Operative Module (Pun on my name). This was created using the Hammer World Editor tool. The level is designed to be an old testing module back from the early days of Aperature Science. A tough and challenging testing environment for training new science operatives. The level contains several test areas utilising many of the various puzzle mechanics. To play the game download the file below and place it into the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Portal 2\portal2\maps" folder. Start up Portal 2 in a coop game with a friend and type "changelevel mp_coop_T_O_M" into the console.

Portal2 Hammer Portal2 Portal2 Portal2 Portal2

Download the level: Portal 2 Map File

By Thomas Linstead.

Programming Languages: Hammer, Portal 2 Authoring Tools,